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Annual Report On Precision Propeller Industries’s Revenue, Growth, Swot Analysis & Competitor Intelligence

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The Greenfield YPPI facility now houses the entire propeller casting operation while the YPPI location in Ritter, Ind. will serve as the manufacturer’s post casting and finishing facility. YPPI is one of only two marine propeller foundries in the U.S. and one of the largest stainless-steel investment casting foundries in the world. The environment smells, feels and looks like the scene in the last Lord of the Rings movie when Frodo and Samwise suffer inside volcanic Mount Doom to try to destroy the One Ring. But unlike Mount Doom, the precison-controlled factory environment lacks the chaotic evilness of the fictional home of Lord Sauron. By the time each propeller reaches the shipping dock, it’s been touched by many hands—directly and indirectly—and looks like a beautiful sculpture, ready to make someone’s boating weekend a lot of fun. A competitive analysis shows these companies are in the same general field as Precision Propeller Industries, even though they may not compete head-to-head. However, they may not have the largest market share in this industry if they have diversified into other business lines.

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The group, which is the sole manufacturer of stainless-steel propellers for Yamaha outboards in the U.S., broke ground on the 55,000 square foot building on five of 28 acres in July of 2019. Yamaha plans to further expand the YPPI campus in the future. Having been here for just over a year, I am still fascinated with our manufacturing process. Being able to work in a hands-on environment for a great company like Yamaha is a truly awesome experience. Being a part of a strong and diverse team from many different backgrounds has been a tremendous asset to my own growth and development as a professional. I can honestly say that I enjoy coming to work here each and every day. A worker on each side pulls out a glowing ceramic mold with a long, metal clamping tool, and then places it on a stand on top of a metal cart that rides on rails set into the floor, much like a miniature railroad.

Propspeed Hires Mid-Atlantic Sales ManagerCoatings veteran Darron Zimmer will be tasked with expanding market penetration in the region. The Smartest Way to Integrate Existing Sensors with New ElectronicsAirmar® Technology’s NMEA 2000® certified SmartBoat® system is a highly scalable and easily configured management precision propeller industries solution for all marine-sensor protocols and network types. YPPI plans to hire more than 30 new employees through the end of 2021 for a total just over 200 employees between the two facilities. For inquiries related to this message please contact our support team and provide the reference ID below.

A look inside Yamaha’s propeller facility, where a drop of sweat can cause an explosion. Easy Installation – Guardian SQ-LOK hub system means it can be adapted to nearly any appropriate outboard. Fast – Advanced 14 3/4″ diameter, three blade design allows for high engine mounting heights for maximum speed, “grip”, and application fl exibility.

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The investment casting process YPPI uses, also referred to as lost-wax casting, is an ancient art that has been around for at least 5,000 years. The nuts and bolts of the process are essentially the same, but can be used to manufacture precision parts such as turbocharger impellers, turbine blades and, of course, propellers. Jonathon Burns, YPPI’s general manager, showed us through the factory and explained how Yamaha’s stainless steel props are made, from start to finish. The new Yamaha Marine Precision Propeller facility in Greenfield, Ind. reached full production capacity this July. The advanced casting facility and foundry uses state-of-the-art robotics to significantly reduce lead times and increase production by more than 67 percent, allowing YPPI to deliver more than 100,000 propellers to customers annually. On the other side of the room, I meet Travis Cooper, who is monitoring an injection machine that makes wax “pour cups,” which are attached to the wax hub/blade assemblies and aid in the metal pouring process, acting as a funnel.

Emptied of wax—which is recycled for later use—the ceramic molds are placed into a huge, 1,800-degree oven for an hour to fully set the ceramic shells and prepare them for pouring. It’s one of the few places inside the factory where I see robots being integrated into the process. “We’ve found that this part of the process is one that can be greatly enhanced by the use of robotic technology,” Burns says. The Drag/Vibe Finish Team Member is responsible for loading and unloading propellers into the finishing equipment. The Drag/Vibe Finish Operator also fills finishers with media as needed, sets the program/timer on equipment, and performs setup & start of shift checks on all equipment pertaining to the vibe or drag finisher. Also on both props the Flo-torque hub was a fairly good fit in the props.

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Propellers are placed on a jig and fitted with micrometers and other measuring equipment as data is fed to a computer that tells the technician where adjustments need to be made. It feels as if we’ve gone back in time to the Iron Age as we watch a worker pound on a propeller with skillful, well-placed blows of his hammer. He takes it off the bench, fits it on the jig again, checks the measurements, and then starts making a few final adjustments with a smaller hammer. The current facility utilizes two small induction furnaces, which rely on electricity to heat and melt ingots of a special stainless steel, nickel and chrome alloy called 15-5. One of the furnaces can hold 150 pounds of molten metal, while one on the other side of the room holds 65 pounds; the larger furnace can hold enough metal to produce four props a run, while the smaller one can do three.

Precision Propeller, based in Indianapolis, was established in 1969 as a full-service propeller repair facility. The company started manufacturing propellers in 1980 and makes TURBO PROPS and Stiletto Propellers. It also manufactures performance propellers for bass and pleasure boats. All the company s propellers are made of high-quality 15-5 PH stainless steel, and it utilizes the one-piece investment casting process. Precision Propeller s mobile lab is used by its research and development team to develop, inspect, and modify props while testing at lakes, rivers and oceans. The company offers a wide variety of repair services for upper and lower units, cavitation plates, skegs and hubs. It also provides pickup and drop service for marine equipment dealers in the Midwest.

“Things in the early days were done in an extremely ‘homemade’ fashion,” he says. “We made a lot of the equipment used to make the props ourselves, and our processes were very basic. Still, we had a great reputation for tuning up and crafting excellent props. Our TURBO propeller brand provided excellent performance, and our final fit-and-finish was stellar. The whole business was built on providing high-performance racing propellers.” The younger Booe works as the facility manager and as a process engineer. The marine propellers with large blades help relieve the stern of the boat and improve overall performance. When it comes to azimuth propellers, rotation is possible at horizontal angles providing ships with better maneuverability.

The molten metal pours so brightly that it’s difficult to look at with the naked eye. Once the mold is filled, the furnace is tipped back, a large, metal can is placed over the prop and the cart is wheeled back toward another part of the room.

Tournament-ready – Outstanding hole shot, top speed, and overall performance even at tournament loads, when propellers typically work their hardest. Increased Lift – More overall boat lift than many other propellers for added performance, handling, and minimal bow rise at hole shot. “It’s great to finally be firing on all cylinders in the Greenfield facility,” said Batuhan Ak, Plant Manager of YPPI Greenfield. “Propellers are part of the integrated systems that boats need today, and the new facility gives us the opportunity to leverage more efficient manufacturing technologies that increase quality while decreasing manufacturing costs.” The FXP shares its blade shape and technology with the proven Turbo® TXP propeller. It also features a square “universal” hub, which allows the FXP propeller to be used on virtually any brand of outboard.

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I was a little hesitant as my history with Ron’s props was a hit or miss one. Since the prop was a four blade over the hub in a 14.5×30 which was what I needed and only cost shipped about $275 I decided to give it a shot. If you believe our view of your activity is unwarranted, please Contact our customer service team. Its advanced blade design also contributes to very low steering torque, which means dramatically less operator fatigue. Derema Group Announces ExpansionThe outdoor sales and marketing agency is adding offices in Elkhardt, Ind., to provide increased support to its customer base. Dress properly with a USCG-approved personal floatation device and protective gear.

Deep South Racing Association – An organization of avid outboard powered boat racers. Rockwall Marine in Rockwall, TX specializes in tournament fishing rigs and excellent service for the serious fisherman.

PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Foundry Team Members are responsible for pouring molten steel into an investment cast molding using both manual and automatic pouring processes. Foundry Team Members also use equipment such as, but not limited to, Autoclave, Cut Off Saws, Cranes & Lifts, Media Blasting Material, Pulleys & Automated Processes. Dip Operator are responsible for hand dipping parts twice, then loading and unloading parts into the producer for the automated dipping process. The Dip Operator also makes slurry for parts to be dipped, and performs start of shift checks and setup on all equipment. The new FXP in its 26″-pitch specification has already been selected as standard equipment by one major OEM. This and other pitches are currently being evaluated for use by other boat manufacturers, as well.

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Grind Operator Team Members are responsible for grinding the surfaces of the propeller in preparation for finishing. All grinding is performed by holding the propeller in hand and guiding the part across various grinding belts. The Grind Operator also reports any defects found in the surface after grinding is completed, performs start of shift checks, and sets up all equipment pertaining to the grinder position.

  • Foundry Team Members also use equipment such as, but not limited to, Autoclave, Cut Off Saws, Cranes & Lifts, Media Blasting Material, Pulleys & Automated Processes.
  • I can honestly say that I enjoy coming to work here each and every day.
  • While a new recession may strike a particular industry, measuring the industry and company’s robustness during the last recession estimates its ability to weather future recessions.
  • Capable of fitting and meeting the performance need of virtually any outboard or sterndrive application, Turbo® propellers are also an integral part of “Endless Propeller Solutions by Yamaha”.
  • As the sparks settle, a door opens on an 1,800-degree oven that casts a red glow throughout the room.

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The stainless-steel rotor is used to compress the bellow before the rotor is secured to the shaft with set-screws. This compression (pre-load) maintains constant contact between the two flat faces of the stainless-steel rotor and carbon flange, allowing the PSS to compensate for the variable fore and aft movement due to propeller thrust. The carbon flange is over-bored to the shaft diameter allowing it to “float” around the shaft and thus compensate for most misalignment and vibration problems.

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