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Dried Pinto Beans Wholesale

These dried beans are pre-washed and ready to cook. Because these are in a heavier plastic bag you will be surprised that they aren’t hard centered and wrinkled. You will immediately notice the difference in taste and texture even if you think you are an old bean pro.

Restaurant quality means they wont just turn into a mush or break down into a soup. The beans will hold firm with a creamy interior and a supple skin so you can refry the beans or use them as whole beans after they are cooked.

Dry beans for restaurants are a better quality and are stored in heaver packaging so it retains the freshness better. You will notice that the shells don’t look heavily wrinkled and don’t taste tough and don’t smell musty or old.



♦️ Better Storage: They are shipped in a heavy gauge plastic bag that is several times thicker than grocery store bags. Our bags are also reclosable. Press all the air out and store in a cool area to preserve shelf life and freshness.

♦️ Control the Sodium: Canned Black Beans usually have more sodium added to them. Homemade you can control how much salt you get.

♦️ A favorite in Mexican, latin and Tex-Mex foods or even chili . A tasty alternative to red kidney beans or black beans.

♦️ Wonderful source of protein for vegan/vegetarian meals or added to soup, rice, and southwest/Tex-Mex stews.

♦️ They also cook up fast in a pressure cooker. usually in 30 min.

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