Semiconductor Silicon Wafer


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Est. Time(days) 11 Negotiable
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Silicon Wafer Available

CZ or FZ Wafer Prime Wafer
Intrinsic Wafer Test Wafer
Heavily Doped Wafer High Resistivity Wafer
Off Axis Orientation Wafer Special Orientation Wafer
Ultra Flat Wafer Ultra Thin Wafer
Ultra Thick Wafer Double Sides Polished
Thermal Oxide Wafer Epi Wafer


1. Diameter: 2’’ to 8’’inch
2. Surface quality: better than 40/20
3.Material: Silicon
4.Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm
5.Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1mm
6.Surface Quality: S1:20-10,S2:Fine Ground (As request)

These 2″ (50.8mm), 3″ (76.2mm) and 4″ (102mm) diameter silicon wafers can be used either as substrates for thin-film research or to make small silicon substrates by dicing the wafer into smaller pieces using a scriber. Wafers generally have flats or notches cut into one or more sides indicating the crystallographic plane and doping type. These silicon wafers are available as P-type (boron-doped) wafers which are cut with a primary flat. The wafers are 230 – 575µm thick polished on one side and do not have a silicon dioxide top coating. Each wafer is shipped in a wafer carrier.

Semiconductor 300mm monocrystalline double side polished silicon wafer scrap polycrystalline silicon wafer for solar cell


Product Specification

Growth CZ / FZ
Diameter Ø 2″ / Ø 3″ / Ø 4″ / Ø 6″ / Ø 8″ / Ø 12″
Thickness 275 um ~ 775 um
Orientation <100> / <111> / <110> or others
Conductivity P – type / N – type / intrinsic
Dopant Boron / Phosphorous / Antimony / Arsenic
Resistivity 0.001 ~ 10000 ohm-cm
Surface One side polished / two sides polished
TTV <= 10 um
Bow / Warp <= 40 um
Grade Prime / Test / Dummy grade


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