What kind of Services Does Almaristar Trading provide?

A-Z 24 Trade offer services to both buyers and sellers. A-Z 24 Trade will make all biddings arrangements between the buyer and seller.


All seller must first of all submit required documents for verification and Approval before submitting products to our selling platform.

Products should have the following:

When submitting a product to our team, seller must indicate if it is final price of the product or the price is negotiable. In the case where the price is negotiable, the seller must indicate. Seller must be able to respond to email from A-Z 24 Trade within 24 hours if a buyer want to negotiate price of a product.


Once the buyers request to buy a product is submitted, A-Z 24 Trade will contact the seller with 24 hours and a quotation will be sent to the buyer by A-Z 24 Trade.

If the price id is OK with the buyer, the buyer may proceed to ask for a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) if needed.

If the buyer wishes to negotiate the price of the product, the buyer will then propose the price he/she is willing to pay for thr product via email to A-Z 24 Trade. A-Z 24 Trade will send the proposal to the seller and the buyer will get a response within 24-48 hours maximum.

We strongly recommend that buyers deal with A-Z 24 Trade experts throughout the negotiation and transaction to ensure their safety and avoid being cheated or scammed. We also recommend that buyers use the Escrow option on our platform when paying for their products.