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The 15 Best Peo Service Providers

top 10 peo companies

What makes Papaya stand out is its ability to service employees across different locales. A valuable aspect of TriNet is its helpful resource offering, Connect 360. With this service, businesses can have their HR questions answered by specialized HR support professionals.

  • These organizations typically employ 10 to 1,000 employees, but some larger businesses also choose to work with a PEO.
  • Since Rippling is highly configurable, you can easily permit and restrict employee access to specific features.
  • Justworks is one of the few companies we reviewed that’s upfront about its pricing and contract information.
  • You could use Paychex PEO simply to take payroll and essential HR off your plate–never think about an IRS change ever again.
  • For example, it lets clients view their business data on the go using a secure and user-friendly mobile app.

Removing these time-draining phone calls from your plate is a massive plus. In addition to having helpful features like how-to guides, dedicated representatives, and customer support options, we looked at user reviews from third-party sites like G2 and Capterra. Then, we averaged the ratings on a 5-star scale, wherein an average of 4+ stars is ideal. Paychex earned perfect marks, while Rippling and Papaya Global are the only providers that scored below 4 in this criterion. Scoring 4.23 out of 5 in our evaluation, it didn’t rank higher on our list because some of its non-payroll tools cost extra and it lacks the flexible PEO service that Rippling offers.

A PEO is a company that can take care of HR responsibilities, primarily for small and midsize companies. Acadia HR – Working across the country, especially with smaller and medium-sized businesses, Acadia HR provides HR outsourcing services, payroll management support, and other PEO services. With over 30 years of experience, the company focuses on saving you time, retaining your best employees, and providing comprehensive solutions. The primary function of a PEO is to take care of human resources so that business owners can focus on other duties. They can manage HR tasks such as employee handbook and policy creation, employee onboarding and termination, unemployment assistance, and compliance reporting. Their features are typically accessible through intuitive online platforms and mobile-friendly applications. These platforms make it easy to access all of your HR functions in one place.

Oasis: Best Peo For Startups

These reviews and our PEO company guide help small businesses and startups find the best PEO company for their business. TriNet will assign you a team of dedicated experts in your industry to provide you with the support you need in reviewing this PEO or TriNet competitors.

Oasis provides payroll processing, employee benefits administration, HR compliance guidance, and risk management. PEOs are experts in legal compliance for your state and industry, so they can reduce your company’s risk of lawsuits. Many PEOs provide online portals where employers and employees can access their benefits and HR self-service easily, but the best companies also offer mobile apps and one-on-one customer service. Since PEOs have so many employees on their books, they have access to affordable, desirable employee benefits, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Some even offer health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements. They often provide long- and short-term disability insurance, employee assistance programs, and retirement options like 401 plans.

They can provide references from other companies they work with who match your size and industry. TriNet also has partnerships with big brands to offer small businesses and employees marketplace discounts. This means that small businesses can get all the help they need, even if they never plan on massive growth. They’ll still be able to offer comprehensive benefits without having to hire a full-time person in house.

Best Small Business Payroll Software For 2022

Still, you will typically save that in your benefits costs as they are highly competitive. Provides you with consolidated online portals for both employers and top 10 peo companies employees. We reviewed more than a dozen PEO companies and chose the best based on offerings, ease of use, custom HR support, specialty, price, and more.

Learn about the services the PEOs that we selected offer, their customer service and the implementation process. Focus on the size of your organization, your growth plans, and whether a specific type of PEO structure would be better for your business. Employees often receive retirement plans, such as 401 and Roth IRA plans, as well as additional benefits like commuter and parking discounts, home and auto insurance discounts, and an employee assistance program . Many employers receive Affordable Care Act guidance and compliance, while their employees get access to consulting services by licensed benefits professionals.

top 10 peo companies

ASOs are also more flexible in terms of the HR services you can outsource, whereas PEOs typically bundle services. When small businesses offer competitive benefits to potential employees, they are in a better position to attract and retain top talent; this is where PEOs come in. PEOs offer small businesses an affordable way to package all of their HR responsibilities together, including payroll and taxes. PEOs can process your employee payroll with CPAs, prepare and distribute payroll checks, employ direct deposit, and process employee liens and garnishments.

Paychex is the second-largest PEO in America with 1.5 million worksite employees and 670,000 business customers across the US and Europe. Since ADP is a big company with many products, there is a range of different support options for administrators, sales, employees, and partners. To determine business suitably, we took into account the contract structure on offer.

They aren’t the most popular company listed here, but they have partnered with some excellent companies in order to allow you to compete in your chosen industry. Synergy – Synergy is a PEO service provider founded in 1989 that is happy to provide your business with the full scope of HR support, payroll, and training services. They prefer a hands-on approach and will seek to make improvements even before you think of what you might need.

Insperity Peo Services: Peo With The Best Smb Resources

Whatever problem, New York-specific or otherwise, you are dealing with, you will speak to a human and only to a human being about it. They use an efficient customer built HR Technology that provides easy-to-use solutions and eliminates the need for multiple systems. This will improve the efficiency of your workforce, and you’ll have more time on your hands to expand your New York business. Therefore, if a standard service is not mentioned in the recommendations above, please consider it as available. For example, companies can access the service at the affordable rate of $80-$135 per month for each employee. But it has an overall lower rating than most PEO services we’ve reviewed here. A good number of complaints bordered on the unfriendliness of the user interface.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand if you can add new services as your business grows or remove services if you decide to hire someone on to handle HR tasks in-house. Alternatively, you could have a fully-staffed HR team looking for better benefits packages and help with compliance regulations. You may not have an HR team as of today, but you could hire someone in-house within the next six months. On the other hand, some PEO companies only work with businesses that have a minimum number of employees.

Looking For A Top Peo Company?

Vensure has a positive reputation for offering size-based packages, allowing clients to access the right combination of services to reach their current goals. Several reviewers have also mentioned that anytime access to HR expertise is one of the most helpful features offered by Vensure. With anytime access, clients no longer have to wait several days for guidance on serious HR issues.

  • So, there won’t be much of a learning curve for whomever will serve as admin on the platform.
  • You also don’t have to worry about federal employee taxes because the IRS-certified ADP team preps, files, and pays them for you.
  • Resourcing Edge is perfect for small business owners and startups and offers payroll administration, HR support, and reasonable employee benefits packages.
  • TriNet’s pricing is based on the variables of industry, company size, and location.
  • They assist in the screening process, contract negotiations, and job offers for React developers and QA engineers.

Once they’re hired, the ADP team handles onboarding and ongoing training to establish a growth-driven company culture. If you’re interested in enterprise-grade employee benefits without the enterprise-grade price tag, a dedicated benefits specialist will walk through the entire process with you. As with most PEO companies, all of Insperity’s PEO solution is designed around your business needs, so you won’t find standard pricing online. However, the good news is that you can lock in your rates for up to two years so you always know what to expect when it’s time to pay your bill.

Look for PEOs to accommodate this by offering cloud-based platforms that can be accessed from any location. Most PEOs offer standard workplace training on topics like sexual harassment and discrimination. Many of them offer additional onsite and virtual training on leadership, communication, workplace technology, recruitment, disciplinary actions, and social media.

The 10 Best Peo Companies

PEO companies invariably say that the biggest benefits their clients get are relief from HR administrative tasks and protection from noncompliance issues. Studies by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations have shown that employers using a PEO see an average ROI of 27.3% and a retention improvement of 10% or better. For a wider range of payroll options, check out our buyers’ guides on the best payroll services and best payroll software. Your PEO provider will help you get set up and employees will manage everything through a single dashboard. They offer simple PEO pricing up for up to 174 employees–after that point, you’ll have to get in touch for a custom quote. TriNet offers a wide range of employee health benefit options through insurance companies like United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Aflac, Aetna, and MetLife. Should your company grow beyond 50 employees, VensureHR has dedicated plans for midsize and large business, so you can grow with them, too.

We find that PEOs that charge a percent of payroll have more hidden fees when it comes time to pay the bill. A PEO uses their technology platform to minimize the amount of paperwork your organization has to manage. California, by itself, would be about the fifth largest economy in the world. It’s the world’s leading location for the entertainment industry, the home of Silicon Valley, and an agricultural powerhouse. Claim your free account to control your message and receive employer, consultant and health plan leads.

top 10 peo companies

The breadth of its services and reach of its presence throughout the world make Papaya Global an ideal partner for international small businesses. Because of Papaya Global’s flexible service offering across multiple countries, it is our best pick as the best PEO for international businesses. What separates Justworks from other PEOs we reviewed is its intuitive cloud-based platform. This company provides designated support agents to help your team learn and use the new system.

–A PEO allows a business to outsource its employee management, have other HR tasks handled for them, and gives personnel management support when needed . Justworks ensures that you’re staying compliant with employer regulations across the board. Since 1988, TriNet has offered full-service HR, benefits, payroll, compliance, and risk mitigation services to businesses with five to over 100 employees.

And, if you ever need help using the software—or you want to consult an expert on how to navigate a more unique issue or situation—you can contact JustWorks support 24/7 via Slack, SMS, phone, email, or live chat. But if you’re tired of handling everything on your own and you want to kick your feet up and give some of the eye-gouging work away to someone else this service is right up your alley.

Pricing factors depend on the size of your business, your credit rating, and which of their services you need, among other factors, but you can expect to be charged around $150-plus per employee per month. You can also request a customized demo so you can test out this service before committing to a paid plan.

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As one of the best PEO companies out there, they have proven team-building services to help you identify top performers and inspire others to be like them. The main thing that might give you pause if you are thinking of working with them is that Amplify PEO does not always have the specialized features that other providers might have, depending on your industry. If you know you need a more niche PEO, then it’s still the best one to look for. If you’re looking for a partnership that will provide you with the best in HR consulting and customer service, ADP is a great option. If something goes wrong with your PEO arrangement or the online tools you are using, things can get overly complicated or problematic if they aren’t resolved promptly.